About us

Hi, I'm Grazia, your host, and I love everything about the Amalfi Coast. Since I was a child, my father, a native of Amalfi but living elsewhere, took me here on vacation, to his holiday home. I continued to come there even later enchanted by the places, the views, the sea. The views are the most attractive, wonderful, especially from the upper parts of the coast, every ten steps you see a different one, and every time you always discover new views, thanks to that combination of sea, sky and earth in constant motion. My first passion are these beautiful places, also made up of simple, kind and nice people who have left their mark on me, and for this reason I return as soon as possible, nourishing my second passion, that for hospitality, for this I have decided with my family to open the holiday home, Amalfi Grace House, also to those who love the Amalfi Coast. If for you this is the first time you come to Amalfi, you will have been attracted by its fame, if you are returning it is because its beauty has struck you too. In both cases I hope to meet you to give you the best possible information for your holiday and to share with you the great beauty of Amalfi.